London’s most affordable suburbs

Commuters returning to work this week meet the highest increase in train fares for five years.

Some, such as nurse Nicki Weston, have said they would be looking for new jobs outside of London that the trip was no longer affordable.

His experience highlights the dilemma for each suburb south-east of England.

How can you get out of the capital to find less expensive housing, but without having to pay a fortune in fares, or spend hours in the train?

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Therefore, using the most recent data on the housing costs, and in 2018, the season ticket prices, we calculated which cities in the South-East are now more affordable for London commuters to live.

Of the 18 sectors that we looked at, the best value for those who want to rent is Chatham, on the Medway estuary in North Kent.

Even if the price of a season ticket – £4,124 – seems expensive, the rental of a two or three-bedroom property costs an affordable £866 a month on average, or £ 10,392 a year.

The total life and cost of travel is therefore £14,516, which is the lowest we found within commute area.

In the Greater London area, the equivalent of £22,604. If the tenants can save over £8 000 per year in Chatham, even after having paid their season tickets.

Basildon, at a total cost of £14,552, and Luton, at £14,676, were not far behind.

Oxford, Guildford and St Albans were the most expensive places to live and commute – by train at least.

For purposes of comparison, the inhabitants of London were taken to pay for a box of six annual travel card.Home buyers

For those who want to buy a two to three bedroom house or an apartment, Chatham is also proving to be the most affordable, given the train tickets.

The total cost for a year, including a means of repayment of the mortgage, is £14,924.

In London, the equivalent figure is £25,940. Any person who travels to Chatham, therefore, could save up to £11,016.

In the case of homeownership, Luton is the second most affordable place to live, with Basildon a little further behind in third.

In contrast, St Albans is the most expensive place to live and commute, to £27,504 a year, which makes it even more expensive than London itself.

The city of Beaconsfield and Guildford are also near the bottom of the list, making them among the most expensive places to commute.The Medway towns

The benefits of Chatham also apply to other cities on the river, including Rochester and Strood, who have the same rail links to London.

Richard Donnell of Hometrack, which has provided cost of real estate for the search, said that all the cities of the region are considered.

“The analysis shows that it is the most affordable of the areas where the greatest benefits in terms of cost of transport exist.

North Kent has always been a good value for the money. The housing and transport connections were also improved, with the high-speed rail line (HS1) offering quick access to London.”

In fact, the St Pancras can now be achieved in just 39 minutes from Chatham, although the use of this road, will cost an extra £44 a year.

The research itself is based on the cost of a season ticket for the south London railway stations such as London Bridge, Charing Cross or Victoria, which, in any case can take as little as 43 minutes.Influx

Local estate agents are already reporting an influx of Londoners took refuge in the capital price.

“A lot of people are, in fact, coming out of the London boroughs in the Medway towns and cities, especially around Chatham, due to the shuttle”, says Darren Knapp, the director of the branch of the Parish and its Partners.

But above all, it is the value for money that can be found in the region.

“The average first-time buyer can buy anything from £130,000 to the right until the value that they feel they can afford it,” says Mr. Knapp.

Among the most attractive – and expensive – properties are those close to sainte-Marie-de-l’île.

Those who want to own a boat can find the marina at hand.

One-bedroom apartments being built here are on sale from £222,000.

Since the Autumn statement, these properties are also free of Stamp duty for first home buyers, which makes them even more irresistible for those entering the real estate market.

“We help many more first-time home buyers, in particular because the Stamp duty is no longer there for them,” explains Darren Knapp.

But of course, the choice of a place to live is not just about season tickets and the price of real estate.

There are plenty of other the opportunity to factors, such as good schools, pubs, or parks.

When the commercial property company, CBRE, has analyzed the relationship between the price and the lure of the South Is in the suburbs of the cities of the last year, it was found that some cities were significantly under-valued.

At the top of his list were, Hatfield, Maidstone and High Wycombe.

Rochester, on the Medway, and came tenth.

The same study revealed that the Basildon offered the best ratio of the price of the suburban houses cost.

Where can I afford to live?

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