The Senate failed to prevent the closure of the US Federal government

The Republicans failed to gather enough votes to pass the bill on temporary funding of the government

Exactly at midnight from Friday to Saturday has expired term, during which the U.S. Senate could extend the bill to continue funding the Federal government until at least February 16. It is expected that on Monday may be declared a partial suspension of work of Federal agencies in the United States.

In the last six months of the budget institutions in the U.S. worked on the basis of two interim resolutions adopted in September and December last year. The action of the latter, approved by Congress on December 21, expired at midnight on 20 January 2018. On the eve of the House of representatives failed by a majority of votes to approve a bill authorizing continued funding of government bodies until 16 February. But this initiative has not received support in the Senate.

The main obstacle was the position of Democrats, insisted on the inclusion in the text of the draft law guarantees state protection for at least 700 000 illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. children. President trump has repeatedly threatened to cancel the effect of the DACA law, adopted at the insistence of the Obama administration and granting such children the right to work and legal residence in the United States.

Despite the fact that the Republicans have a majority in the Senate, they have failed to collect the 60 votes needed for approval of the bill.

What is a shutdown?

The suspension of the Federal government in the United States called “shutdown”. Since 1976, similar events happened 36 times.

Despite the fact that the deadlines for the funding of state agencies expired in the night of Saturday, the effect of this Americans will feel next Monday when work will not be employees of Federal agencies whose work is related to national security. In 2013 when the government shutdown dragged on for almost two weeks, their jobs involuntarily absent 850 000 civil servants of various services.

Will be closed publicly funded institutions, including museums and national parks. Stop working a number of Federal agencies – the Center for monitoring the spread of diseases, the tax office and some other, will not work in the service of civil servants of the Ministry of defense.

Congress will continue to work, but most staff will be forced to stay home.

Some services that have additional sources of funding, will also continue to work. So, will operate the post office, and Federal and local courts during the government shutdown are entitled to use to continue its activities with funds obtained from the payment of fines and various fees.

Agencies, “ensuring national security, protecting the life, health and property of citizens” will continue to work. These include military, police, security services, airports, doctors, air traffic controllers, inspectors for food safety and others.

However, their work will not be paid, if Congress does not adopt a special law on compensation for work during this period.