The Eagles solve the California Hotel case


The Eagles have settled a legal case against a Mexican hotel that named itself after the band greater success.

Both parties agreed to suspend legal action after the hotel’s owners withdrew their application for a trademark for the name of Hotel California in the united states.

“This case has been resolved by mutual agreement,” said Thomas Jirgal, an attorney for the Eagles.

The band had claimed the hotel “actively encouraged” guests to believe that I was associated with them.

It was said that the owners played Eagles songs in the lobby and sold Hotel California t-shirts, fridge magnets and posters.

“Several of the online comments and make it clear” that the visitors were deceived, they added.
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In its response, the hoteliers denied any irregularities and said that it was unlikely that the fans would be confused.

They were not immediately available to comment on the end of the legal case.

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The Hotel California is the title track of the 1976 Eagles album of the same name, and in 1977 he won the Grammy Award for record of the year.

While the song is not based in any particular place, the building pictured on the album cover is the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Ironically, the band used the photo without permission, almost landing in the court, until it was pointed out that the hotel had seen its reservations triple after the album was released.

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