Jade Bird: From ‘brutal’ concerts to AMERICAN success

Here is a list of things that make Jade Bird laugh during our conversation: Coats, chickens, a school of theatre, its own songs, others ‘ songs, yoghurt, bathrooms, to be deceived, her grandmother’s guitar, and the block of the author.

The 20-year-old is playful and talkative and often hilarious – characteristics that have earned him his legions of fans when she plays live (which is all the time).

“I’ve often been told that, if the music doesn’t work, I could be a comedian,” she guffaws.

“I’m like, ‘Thank you so much… Or maybe not?!'”

Stand-up’s loss is music’s gain. The British singer’s spin on Americana is compelling and brave, combining her love of Loretta Lynn, with the peak energy of Patti Smith.

He has already made an uproar in the united states, where Rolling Stone has named a “country of the artist, you need to know” on the strength of its first EP, Something American.

But the Bird is careful about the qualification of a country singer, calling the label “a little restrictive”.

Jade Bird / BBC

“It is unusual that, as of now, if you’re writing something where the lyrics are actually meaningful, people go,” Oh, it must be the country!'” she said.

“I’m comfortable with it, but, at the same time, I think that my songs are reminiscent of the pop from back in the day. You know, 2006, with the first album of Coldplay and Keane and bands in the genre?”

You can hear the influences on his new single Lottery, which she has recorded in Woodstock last year.

“I had writer’s block. Like, total writer’s block,” she recalls.

“I tried alcohol, I tried everything. It did not work.

“I even sat and read all of the Lumineers lyrics – because my producer did the last Lumineers record. And I was like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t write anything of this kind. These are bloody good!'”

And then, out of nowhere, a chorus appeared fully formed in his head: “Thou hast said that love is a lottery / And you got your numbers And you bet on me”.

The end of the Youtube post by JadeBirdVEVO

“I immediately knew that it was a killer,” she said.

“I think the reason people like me, to write is because of the tortuous competition with yourself to get these moments.”

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The bird was in competition with itself since she took over her grandmother’s guitar at the age of 12 years.

To this day, she filled three notebooks with the lyrics and the chords and the “mental maps” of ideas.

“I suppose that there are 200 pages of each book, so that’s 600 songs,” she said.

“I mean, they all are not good… Three-quarters are not listenable. But I used to do this thing where I forced myself to write it one day.”

The bird was born in a military family, moving between America, Germany and the united KINGDOM until her parents divorced. Then she moved with her mother and grand-mother of Bridgend, South Wales, by taking lessons from their courage.

“My great-grandmother divorced my grandfather and became a manager of finance to obtain its own home, and my mother worked very hard to ensure that we could have our own space,” she said.

“This is where I had my strength. I have always been inspired by the women in my family.”

In her teens, she entered a series of “brutal” open mic nights in pubs around the country of Wales, before winning a sixth-form place at the Brit School, the famous performing arts emissions.

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