In Germany can introduce obligatory visits to concentration camps

MOSCOW, 11 Feb — RIA Novosti. German officials and experts are discussing the proposal to make visits to concentration camps mandatory for all German residents, including migrants, just arrived in the country.

With this idea earlier by German politician of Palestinian origin Susan Shebli. “I think it appropriate that everyone who lives in this country, was obliged to visit the memorial complex of Auschwitz concentration camp, at least once in your life. This also applies to those who came to us recently. Visiting the concentration camps should be an integral part of the course of integration,” she told Bild am Sonntag.

She Chebli grew up in Germany and made in this country a bright political career. In 2014, she worked as a Deputy representative Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who then held the post of foreign Minister, and from 2016 a woman serves as Secretary of state for international Affairs and civic engagement.

The head of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Josef Schuster supported the proposal Chebli. “I think a visit makes sense. However, it is necessary to prepare accordingly, and it is certainly true of people who have just arrived — specifically those who have sought asylum in Germany,” he explained in an interview with radio station Deutschlandfunk.

His doubts on this subject were expressed by the Minister of education of Thuringia Helmut Holter. He believes that visiting the concentration camps should not do mandatory, because greater effect this event will have the presence of people desire.

Director of the Foundation of memorials in Brandenburg and head of the Museum and memorial Sachsenhausen Gunther Morges said in this thread is not primarily to discuss of migrant children and refugees. “We have a lot of Germans show more nationalism,” he said.

It should be noted that, in General, the idea is not new for Germany. Schoolchildren in Bavaria be sure to visit the memorial in Dachau or Flossenburg.

After the announcement of US President Donald trump on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in German cities held anti-Semitic and anti-Israel actions. The German government condemned these demonstrations, which were put forward anti-Israel slogans and burned Israeli flags, calling such actions “shameful.”