The media learned about the fate rescued by police near Kiev Buzzard

Rescued by police Boryspil wounded Buzzard treated in the veterinary clinic and transferred to a shelter for birds, where he is gaining strength prior to release into the wild. It is reported BBC Ukraine.

The bird a few days ago, found in the roadway by field officers. She was sitting on road markings and could not fly.

“It is surprising the indifference of the drivers that we did not even pay attention to it,” – said a patrol of the third company Daria Orlova who, along with partner Denis Kozik rescued Buzzard.


The vet bird pierced antibiotics to remove the inflammation of the bruised wing, and then handed over to the orphanage “Manor Mushnikova” 50 kilometers from Kiev. There are more than hundreds of found or brought injured birds.

“At first he was somewhat shocked, but the next day I was fine. A good appetite, eats everything. The main indicator of the health of appetite, the bird is very energetic,” said the owner of the shelter, Irina Snopko.

Buzzard lives in a separate cage and eats only meat.

As soon as the bird gets stronger, it plans to release into the wild. The owners of the orphanage promised to get saved Buzzard police that they let him out. Also promise to call TV.