Researched found that in the exact spot of Christ’s Baptism in the Jordan there is no water, the river changed its course

Moscow. 19 Jan. INTERFAX – Scientists knew the place where Jesus was baptized Christ was a miracle of the Epiphany, but the water there for a long time, because the Jordan river had changed its course.

To determine its helped mosaic on floor in Church of St. George, located in the Jordanian city of Madaba, told the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” employees of the press center of the Spaso-Bogoroditsky Odigitrievsky convent of the Smolensk region.

This mosaic image with a size of 15×6 meters, dates back to the VI century ad and is a well-preserved and fairly accurate map of the Holy Land with the indication of all Christian shrines. According to the map, the place of baptism of Jesus Christ in the river Jordan is in Israel, and on the opposite Bank of this river, on the territory of modern Jordan in the Wadi El-Harar.

The publication notes that in the place where two thousand years ago was a Baptism of water are long gone. For such a huge period of time the river changed its course at the confluence of the Dead sea now flows for a few tens of meters closer to Israel.

To confirm or refute a “tip”, the mosaic map of St. George’s Church, in 1996, archaeologists conducted excavations in Wadi El-Harar. In the end, there were discovered the ruins of three Byzantine churches, and most importantly – marble slab-basis, which, as expected, there was a column with a cross set in the days of early Christianity in the place of Jesus ‘ Baptism. This column is often referred to in the written documents of the Byzantine era pilgrims who visited the Holy places.

And the Russian Orthodox Church and the Vatican acknowledged the fact that the Wadi El-Harar is one of the greatest Christian shrines – the Baptism site of Jesus Christ, the newspaper notes.

In a sign that the Russian Church took part in the construction of the Wadi El-harrar Orthodox Church in honor of John the Baptist. The temple was founded on the very spot where, according to legend, Jesus Christ left his clothes, before you plunge into the waters of the biblical river.

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