New year’s eve ATO veterans received land, – head Department of Gosgeokadastr in the Kharkiv region

Kharkiv region by the end of 2017, won second place in the ranking of the allocation of land to veterans of the anti-terrorist operation and the families of fallen soldiers, reports the website of Gosgeokadastr.

Last year, head Department of Gosgeokadastr in the Kharkiv region gave 4095 permits the development of documentation for the allocation of land to veterans. Just in 2014 management in Kharkiv region gave 7487 such documents, and the total area of land made up 9231,8664 ha, and just before the new year holidays December 29 – Kharkiv Gosgeokadastr 298 issued orders on allocation of land for individual gardening.

According to the chief of Gosgeokadastra in the Kharkov region Yevgeny Oberemko, 2017, the office has considerably increased the share of plots that have been issued that both are required for obtaining land document. All veterans receive two orders. First — permission for development documentation. When the documents are ready, the plot entered in the land registry. After that is accepted by the second document — the order about transfer to property of the land. If in 2016, 50% of orders on development of documentation was completed the actual allocation of land in the property, then in 2017 they became to 67%.

“By the end of the year we tried to give as many orders for the allocation of land to veterans of the ATO that have received permission. Here much depends not only on management but also on design organizations that prepare documentation. But, in General, the indicators for the year we have a good, — said Eugene Oberemok. We 29 Dec handed over to veterans of 298 orders on the allocation of garden plots near Kharkiv, finishing the year on a positive note. But I wouldn’t call it a “Christmas gift”. Getting veterans of the ATO land is their constitutional right, in close cooperation with the Kharkiv regional state administration and public organizations are doing all that that right was respected.”

First Deputy head of Kharkiv oblast state administration mark Becker, who was present during the issuance of documents, said that during the past year the management of area led by Governor Yulia Svetlichnaya introduced a number of social initiatives of the President, including the maximum sold the rights of veterans of the ATO on the ground.

Help. As of December 26, 2017 to the General Directorate of Gosgeokadastr in the Kharkiv region received from members of ATU 9179 applications for registration of land.

7487 granted permission for the development of land management documentation on the total area 9231,8664 ha.

Main 6141 administration adopted an order approving land management documentation and the transfer of ownership of 6142 total land area 7404,7587 hectares, accounting for 96.4 per cent of the total number of decisions on transfer of property taken by the Main management together with the local authorities, including:

— 2370 land for gardening with a total area of 277,5755 ha;

— 3772 land plots for maintaining personal agriculture with a total area of 7127,1832 ha.