Follower pseudosyllogism fined in Kazakhstan for illegal missionary activity

Karaganda. 19 Jan. INTERFAX – IN Karaganda for illegal missionary detail fined a supporter of the ideology of pseudosyllogism Daryn Lubarova, reported in the Department of religious Affairs of the region.

According to management, the man posted on the social network materials of religious content, which are recognized as not recommended for distribution in the territory of Kazakhstan. For this he was fined 70 MCI.

MCI – monthly calculation index MCI 1 in 2018 in Kazakhstan is 2405 tenge (current rate – 325,2/$1).

In accordance with the law “On religious activities and religious associations” the missionary activity of citizens of Kazakhstan is carried out only on behalf of registered religious associations.

“The missionary has the right to conduct its work only after obtaining the local Executive body of the certificate of registration”, – explained in management.