Mystery bone link for the murdered teenager

Lyndsay van Blanken was strangled to death by her ex-boyfriend in November 2003. The 18-year-old was found dead seven weeks later, stuffed into a cricket bag in the store room of an Eastern suburbs block.

William Matheson was found guilty of her murder and jailed for a minimum of 18 years in 2006.

A decade later, a bag belonging to Mrs van Blanken — with a mobile phone and Discman portable CD player among other things, was discovered during excavations at a construction site in Randwick.

Trainee animator Lyndsay van Blanken, 18, was killed by her ex-boyfriend in the year 2003.

Around him, over 40 pieces of bone were 12 people and the rest are mostly of animals, the NSW Coroner’s Court was told on Friday. After a brief investigation, the Deputy state coroner Derek Lee concluded that some — including a thigh bone and skull with a pin — samples anatomy teaching.

You are different people, but at least two have come in up to 11 female.

The evidence does not allow for a determination be made that said on the identity of the people, how, where or when they died, Mr. Lee.

William Matheson was found guilty of MS Van Blanken murder and jailed for a minimum of 18 years in 2006 picture: John Grainger.

But the coroner found that it is more likely than not that the bone and the backpack were buried on the side of Matheson.

“The evidence showed that he was clear that the motive to bury the objects in order to hide potentially incriminating evidence,” he wrote in his findings. Matheson had previously told police he liked to clean unusual items from the junk pile, and had a collection of “bones, skulls and things”.

MS van Blanken was also known to collect and to use in your work. Detective Sergeant Matthew, Fulham FC, the officer responsible for the investigation, told the court it was possible, Matheson was aware that the bones of man were, and he had accidentally picked up.

Matheson refused to speak to the detective, surveyed the bone. Not to mention “(he) exercised his right.” MS van Blanken’s mother, Cynthia Pleasance, was in court for the brief examination.