Klitschko called on the police to find out all the legal circumstances of building on Michurin, 44

Illegal construction on Michurina 44 is stopped. The Prosecutor’s office should find out all the legal circumstances of this building, and the police is to enforce law and order. This was stated by the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko during the inspection of the relevant building to which he invited the Prosecutor of Kiev Roman Govdu the head of the General Department of National police of the capital Andrey Krishchenko.

“We are now at the cave, where the cost of the most expensive land in Ukraine. Here there was a conflict situation, because the construction is conducted without any permits. And I’m grateful that the public have contacted us have reported this object. The contractor shall immediately stop the construction”, – said the capital’s head.

He noted that test was conducted, which confirmed the lack of necessary permits, construction conditions of the project land documents and approvals from the city authorities.

“It started building, and this caused outrage among the public, from local residents. We went to the scene. I invited the head of the Kiev police and the Prosecutor that they saw this building and took the situation under his personal control. We must act solely in the legal field to such chaotic developments was not, – said Vitaly Klitschko. – So I have a request to the Prosecutor’s office and police in accordance with their duties to accomplish the treatment on the study of this issue and the suspension of the construction. The fence will be dismantled. Construction is suspended. And we expect from law enforcement opinions regarding this construction. Such construction of anarchy in the capital should not be!” – said the Kyiv city Chairman.

In addition, said Vitali Klitschko, irresponsible contractors should be subject to appropriate legal action to stop the chaotic development of the capital.

“Any construction must be approved in accordance with the law. And those who break the law should be the law and answer,” – said Klitschko. He stressed that no exceptions should be, despite the financial leverage or political ties to developers.

In turn, the representative of the developer in the presence of the Prosecutor of Kiev and head of the Metropolitan police told to halt construction.

Kyiv mayor also instructed the representatives of capital improvement to ensure the dismantling of the fence around this building. Dismantling began immediately after the inspection.