The US believes that Russia is helping North Korea to evade sanctions

Washington believes that Moscow does not comply with the sanctions regime to the fullest. Tillerson said that “first and foremost” as regards the supply of fuel

The US President Donald trump has complained that Russia is helping North Korea avoid international sanctions.

Statement trump the evidence of his disappointment with the country with which he hoped to establish friendly relations after the election victory in 2016.

“Russia is not helping us with North Korea, said trump in an interview with Reuters, recorded in the oval office of the White house. In fact, what helps us to China, wedged Russia. In other words, Russia for the fact that China is doing”.

Trump said that Russia fills in the gaps, which leaves China.

Sources in Western intelligence services told Reuters in December that the Russian tankers at least three times in recent months supplied fuel to North Korea, bringing the sea in violation of international sanctions.

Russia denies violation of the sanctions regime against the DPRK.

North Korea relies on imported fuel to sustain the ailing economy. She also needs oil for the program develop Intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

Trump has repeatedly criticized the investigation of possible Russian intervention in the course of the U.S. presidential election, claiming that it hinders the improvement of us-Russian relations.

“[President Vladimir Putin] has a lot to offer, said trump. But, unfortunately, we have not developed relations with Russia, and in some cases, it may be that Russia gives, China takes away. Therefore, the final result is not as good as he could be.”

Vice-President for research of the Carnegie endowment for international peace Andrew Weiss said that Moscow does not share the depth of US concerns about its nuclear and missile programs of North Korea.

“Even if trump’s hands were not tied Russian business, it does not mean that he and Putin would somehow magically work together to resolve the Korean crisis,” – said the expert.

Reviews about the words of the President of trump on the part of Russian officials has not followed yet.

Earlier, the President trump did not rule out the possibility of direct talks with Kim Jong-UN. “I would talk with him, but I’m not sure the conversation would have allowed the problem,” he said, referring to talks with North Korea, which conducted its predecessors.

Echoing the statement of trump, U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson on Wednesday accused Russia that it does not implement the full sanctions regime against North Korea imposed in connection with Pyongyang’s nuclear program and said Moscow is “maybe” unveils some of the measures.

Tillerson said that failure by Russia to the UN resolutions, “first and foremost” for fuel, “but may also affect other areas”. However, he did not go into details.

“It is obvious that they do not realize fully the sanctions regime, and there is some evidence that they may disrupt some sanctions,” – said Tillerson on Board the aircraft when he returned from the meeting on North Korea in Vancouver.