The priest Grozovsky received for pedophilia 14 years of strict regime colony

Priozersk. 17 Jan. INTERFAX – Priozersk town court of the Leningrad region on Wednesday announced the verdict the accused of pedophilia priest Gleb Grotovskogo, a case which was investigated over four years.

“Recognize Grotowski Gleb Viktorovich guilty <…> and assign a final sentence of 14 years imprisonment in a penal colony with restriction of freedom for a period of one year”, – announced the verdict, the judge Lyudmila Yashina.

At the same time Grotovskogo read out being under arrest since September 2014.

The judge also agreed to pay 400 thousand rubles to each of the three families of the victims.

Were announced only introductory and operative part of the verdict, the case was heard behind closed doors.

Speaking on 10 January with the last word, Grozovsky said that, in his opinion, “the events of the crime itself” and that he would rely on “human understanding and a fair decision.” The text of the last words has extended the protection of the priest.

As reported by “Interfax” informed the informed source, the Prosecutor in the course of the debate asked to sentence G. Grozovsky to 15 years of imprisonment in a penal colony with deprivation of the right to engage in activities related to the education of children, for a period of 12 years.

The main investigation Department of the TFR in St. Petersburg filed against the City of Grotowski criminal case in November 2013 and announced the completion of its investigation in June 2017.

According to investigators, in the summer of 2011 on the territory of Orthodox children’s camp, located on the island of Konevets, priozerskiy district, Leningrad region., Grozovsky, being a cleric of ascension (St. Sophia) Cathedral in Tsarskoye Selo, had committed violent sexual acts against several persons under 14 years of age. Similar actions, according to investigators, Grozovsky committed in June 2013 in Greece in the camp of the Orthodox youth club “Philadelphia”.

Since G. Grozovsky had fled from prosecution, in October 2013, he was arrested in absentia and declared in the international search.

17 September 2016 the City of Grozovsky was brought from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, and earlier extradited to Russia from Israel. He was charged with sexual offences against three Schoolgirls.

During the investigation, the priest was removed from Ministry.