Polish Archbishop urged Catholics in the country to welcome the arrival of refugees

Warsaw. 16 Jan. INTERFAX – the Chairman of the Polish Episcopal conference, Archbishop of Poznan Stanislaw Gadetsky urged Catholics in the country to welcome refugees, saying that altruism should surpass the concern of the government right to national security.

Earlier the governments of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic refused to accept refugees from North Africa and the Middle East in the framework of the EU.

“Everybody would like to live in security, but this attitude has little to do with Christianity,” said Sergei Gadetsky.

In his words, “personal selfishness, meaning the care of their own security prevails over altruism or desire to help others.”

“With regard to the issue of refugees and asylum-seekers, the most important point of reference may not be the state’s interest or national security, and human,” said the Archbishop.