In Lviv at the Baptism were forbidden to bathe in conventional reservoirs and identify places for diving

In Lviv on Epiphany, January 19, near water bodies, the city Council will resume with signs “no Swimming” and increase control by the relevant authorities. This was reported on the website of the Lviv city Council.

“In all water bodies present on the territory of the city is forbidden to swim. On Friday, January 19, to ensure safety of residents at Epiphany near the water reservoirs will be installed signs “Bathing is forbidden”, – noted in the Department of ecology, Department of urban planning of Lviv city Council.

All these facilities will be on duty employees of the SES, which will warn of the dangers of swimming in not taken away places.

At the same time, the Council noted that the city will be determined by the place of celebration, are equipped with rescue posts with a winter rescue tools on the water.

“The Executive Committee of Lviv, Vynnykivske city councils, Bryuhovetskogo of the village Council, public organizations and movements, parishes January 19, 2018 organized and held events on the occasion of the feast of the Epiphany. In places of celebrations for its members the necessary conditions ensuring safety rules”, – is spoken in the message.

As reported, in the night from 18 to 19 January at the Baptism in Ukraine will be snow, the temperature will not fall below -5 degrees