In Kiev before the Moscow bridge in the accident was hit by 4 cars.

In Kiev before the Moscow bridge from the rainbow array has faced four cars and a trolley. In the accident injured one woman. This is reported by the Guards.Espresso.

According to the participants of the accident, an unidentified vehicle cut in front of the Field, causing him, trying to avoid a collision, crashed into the Chevrolet that was moving in an extreme left row. At this point, Chevrolet has thrown in a chipper and then to the side of the trolleybus passing by.

According to the source, the driver of the bus, “assessing minor injuries”, left the scene of an accident.

At the same time, Niva collided with the Nissan, and then a car crashed into a Hyundai. As a result of the accident suffered by the passenger of the Nissan, her with injuries by ambulance. It is worth noting that the woman used a seatbelt, and it saved her from serious injury.

Recall, January 15 at the crossing in Zaporizhia region train broke VAZ-2101.