The couple filed a lawsuit demanding to ban the construction of a new stadium Chelsea

A couple from London, filed a lawsuit demanding to ban the construction of the new stadium of Chelsea FC. As reported by the BBC, the statement indicated that the stadium could interfere with the sunlight in their household.

Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich decided to build its new arena, which will accommodate 60 thousand spectators. The estimated construction cost of 1.3 billion euros. A family living near the construction site of the new stadium believes that such a project may limit the amount of sunlight in their home.

Representatives of Chelsea said that the question of construction was submitted to public debate and 97% of local residents supported the project. Couple who went to court, Chelsea offered financial compensation in the case of construction, however, they rejected this proposal. The user “blue“ appealed to the city Council asking them not to close the construction of the stadium.

Earlier it was reported that the star player of Chelsea vowed not to leave the team, but still not extended his contract with the club.

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