Fiat Rules, Jeep Sale

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) CEO Sergio Marchionne has to bed speculation that Jeep might be sold, to raise money, or that the whole group will be sold to a Chinese manufacturer, such as the GAC.

“We have no intention of breaking up the company or give it to the Chinese,” Sergio Marchionne, whose company builds cars in China with GAC, confirmed at the Detroit motor show.

“We have a very good partner in the GAC. You have global ambitions, you want to come to the USA and we speak with them about whether and how you can achieve this. None is so designed that the impact on the independence of the FCA.”

Marchionne, who is retiring from his position in the year 2019, went on to confirm the importance of strong brands in a possible future of Autonomous and electrified vehicles. He stressed that the vehicles, the reduction in risk to the ‘commodity’ status, without the stimulus of strong brands such as Alfa Romeo or Maserati.

He added that the success of the Alfa Romeo remained the renaissance, he said, in the “nursery” phase, was crucial to the technical credibility of Maserati for the future.

The new Jeep Wrangler the countries with the hybrid engine, and a big tech boost

An element of the FCA, the probability of the to be sold out of the group, however, the automotive supplier Magneti Marelli, with a sale to the FCA shareholders by the end of the year, according to Marchionne.

More generally, the charismatic CEO once again his reluctance to be the kind of ambitious statements about the EVs and driverless cars, which were made by competitors such as Ford, General Motors and Nissan.

He said that hybrids and EVs, the emissions targets will inevitably lead to “mandatory” in a post-diesel gate of Europe, although, due to the strict penalties, the car manufacturer, the face for the lack of fleet-average CO2.

“We remain technology-to meet in a neutral regulatory requirements,” Marchionne said, noting that diesel was still in its place in meeting emissions targets. “I don’t know who replied the money from the sale of electric vehicles and I don’t think we have the CO2 Problem with electric. We have to be realistic about what’s going on. It will eventually go in this direction, it will just take much longer than people think. [Talk of the] electrification is not far-fetched, but it is premature.”

To 1. June of this year, the mark the 14th anniversary of Marchionne, the takeover of Fiat, and eight years in the custody of the unified FCA group is expected to be out of debt and plan for the years up to 2022 to be announced. Soon after, the FCA Board of Directors, the identity of his successor.

Graham Heeps