Trump: “I am not a racist”

The President claims that have not used attributed to him a derogatory expression for a meeting on immigration

The US President Donald trump on Sunday rejected suggestions that he is a racist. It happened three days after he allegedly called Haiti, El Salvador and Africa “stinking hole” (s—hole countries).

“I’m the least racist of all the people you ever interviewed,” said trump in response to a reporter’s question at his estate Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Some participants in the White house on immigration argue that trump questioned why the US allowed immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and Africa, saying that he would like to see more immigrants from countries such as Norway. He also allegedly said that he wants to exclude Haiti from the agreement on immigration reform.

Although the White house never denied that trump had used an obscene expression, speaking of non-white immigrants, the President himself, denies these allegations.

“Never said anything derogatory about Haiti – he wrote on Twitter. – It was invented by the Democrats. I have a wonderful relationship with the Haitians. You should probably record future meetings: unfortunately, there is no trust.”

Present at the meeting in the oval office of democratic Senator dick Durbin said that the President made a dismissive statement mentioned.

However, Republican senators Tom cotton and David Purdue, which appeared in the Sunday television programs, sided with trump.

“I didn’t hear that, and I was sitting from Donald trump no further than dick Durbin,” said cotton, speaking in the program “face the nation” on CBS.

Perdue appeared on channel ABC and categorically denied that trump used a derogatory term.

Trump also told reporters in Florida on Sunday evening that he is still trying to reach agreement on the deferred action Program for arrivals in the U.S. children (DACA), which protects from deportation young immigrants illegally brought to the country as children.

Earlier on Sunday, the President tweeted that DACA, “probably dead.”

“Honestly, I don’t think the Democrats want to conclude an agreement,” he told reporters.

DACA was at the center of discussions between the White house and Congress on extending government funding, is necessary in order to prevent the partial suspension of work of government agencies at the end of this week.

Trump links the extension of the DACA program by providing funding for the construction of the wall on the border between USA and Mexico.

Many Democrats insist that the question of extending DACA was considered separately from the construction of the wall, against which they act anyway.

In addition to the Democrats, some Republicans also condemned the alleged sharp words of the President about Africa and Haiti, which caused doubts about the willingness of Congress to an agreement with the White house on immigration issues at the moment.

Trump has signed a decree on the termination of the program, but has given the Congress time till March 5 to make a decision for 800 thousand young immigrants participating in the program.

Many of them parents illegally brought to the United States when they were infants, and another country they do not know. They work, go to school, pay taxes and serve in the armed forces of the United States.