Ford Mach1 developing high-performance electric SUV

Ford is the development of a Mustang related to the electrical performance of the SUV, with the evocative name Mach1.

The brand has revealed that its first battery electric performance of the car will take the SUV body style, as well as being associated with the Mustang.

Ford says it has learned from the beginning Veb that people like really nice products’. The plan is to focus on “the electrification of the iconic nameplates,” according to the president of global operations Joe Hinrichs, making cars with fairly high sticker price, rather than specializing in electric compact.

This suggests that the electrical performance SUV will be a derivative of a nameplate, rather than a full, stand-alone EV. The Explorer was shown in the brand’s announcement video for the project, although it is not confirmed that this will be the model host-to-Mach1. The Mach1 nameplate was originally used on the Mustang, but has not been confirmed for production.

Ford Mach1 is a key element of a new doubling of its investments in electric cars from $4-5 billion to more like$ 11bn, in a slight extension of the investment period to 2022. Mach 1 will be one of the first of the new cars arriving in 2020.

The $11bn begins with the Mach1 BEV. Between now and 2022 company will spend is flat on 40 new cars – 16 full EVs, and 24 hybrids.

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