The Chechen Parliament asks to “stop trump, plunging the world into war”

GROZNY, January 13 – RIA Novosti. Deputies of the Chechen Parliament appealed to the international community, international organizations, the UN and the who with a request to prevent the activities of U.S. President Donald trump, who, in their opinion, threatens world peace wrote on his page in the social network Myilistori Chairman of the Republican legislative Assembly Magomed Daudov.

On Friday, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that the U.S. government unleash war, and also emphasized the danger to travel to America in response to the inclusion of Russia the US state Department to the list of countries dangerous to visit.

“Stop Donald Trump! If this showman and will continue to be led by the United States, the whole world can be plunged into the abyss of war,” wrote the speaker.

He stressed that Syria’s troops occupied the Western coalition headed by USA, with controlled areas “continue to strike ISIS militants*” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization “Islamic state”*).

“For anybody not a secret, whom they reared and who directs them,” — said the speaker. He noted the role of Russia, which has provided “invaluable assistance to the Syrians in the fight against terrorists.”

The speaker also recalled the problems that brought Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Ukraine, “the export of democracy.” “All these countries are undergoing social and economic chaos,” wrote Daudov.

In his opinion, mental health trump “of great concern”. He asks the international community to “take action to cure this man.”

“We can suggest a suitable institution — the us military base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. If you believe the state Department, there just haven. Why not send someone who these conditions are created”, — concluded the speaker.

USA in 2014 included Daudova with the star of Hero of Russia and directed at the time by the administration of head and government of Chechnya, in the “Magnitsky list”.

* A terrorist group banned in Russia.