Meghan Markle farm’s social media accounts

Meghan Markle has closed his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, the Kensington Palace has confirmed.

Prince Harry’s fiancée took the decision because the accounts have not been used for some time”. Ms Markle also ran her own lifestyle website, The Tig, it was closed in April 2017.

The palace said the former actress of the UN, the ambassador was grateful to all those who had followed her over the years.

The move came after the couple made their first official visit to London.

In December 2017, Ms Markle has 1.9 million people following her posts on Instagram and more than 350 000 followers on Twitter.

Its Facebook page had nearly 800 000 likes.

The Tig

Earlier on Tuesday, Harry and Meghan were greeted by a crowd of well-wishers at the community radio station Reprezent, to Brixton, which trains young people in the media.

Ms Markle went to the engagement in a Marks & Spencer, sweat-shirt, Burberry pants and a Smythe jacket.
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A DJ at the station, Jeremiah Asiamah, described the pair as a “power couple”, and added: “they have become family in the space of five minutes”.

“She is beautiful, such an amazing character, if there is any way you could describe a power couple in this modern day and age, it certainly is.”

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The founder of Reprezent FM, Shane Carey, welcomed the visit saying: “We are going to have the spotlight shone on us from all the media around the world.”

During the visit of Mrs. Markle chosen male presenter YV Shells, for its work in the promotion of women at the station.

She said: “Empowering women to ensure that they are in a space where there is not as many [male], piloted by the man he has the support I think it is amazing.”

Harry and Ms Markle has also visited Pop Brixton, a community-based project housing local start-ups and restaurants.

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The couple met one of the station presenters, Gloria Beyi, 17 years old, and his producer, Finn Whitehead, 27.

Gloria said that there was a shock, that this high-profile couple visited their radio station: “I think a lot of people thought these two worlds would never collide.”

Talk to teens, Ms Markle said: “I can see why your show is so popular. You are so thoughtful and your approach is so engaging.”

She added: “it’s important that I listen to.”

The couple announced their engagement in November and are due to marry in the Chapel of St George at Windsor in May.