Klitschko took a ride on the new tram PESA

The Metropolitan government continues to upgrade the rolling stock of public transport.

This was stated by the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko during the inspection of the new trams, which had purchased the city. The mayor also took a ride on one of the new trams which will run on the street the light rail line.

Klitschko recalled that over the years the capital has purchased nearly 100 buses and more than 100 trolleybuses and trams 45. In late December, Kiev will receive the next batch of modern Polish tram PESA 5th generation with 100% low floors, air conditioning, Wi-Fi. Most of them already runs on the street the light rail line.

I am very pleased to introduce the new trams. Renewal of rolling stock transportation is one of the priorities for the city authorities, – said Klitschko. Now we’re going to tram 5-th generation. It meets all European requirements. And such modern transport like now on the street line, should run on all tram routes in the city,“ said Klitschko.

According to him, in some areas of the city need to transfer tram ways to launch a new modern trams. “This year we have planned to translate the way on several routes. This is the first step. And then all public transport in Kiev should meet modern requirements,“ he added. In particular, this year involves the reconstruction of the tram line at the hem, on the Left Bank, reconstruction of tram crossings. The mayor noted that after that will buy new trams. Total in Kiev the rolling stock of trams – about 400 units.

Klitschko said that the new trams have already started to draw portraits of prominent Ukrainian, Kiev. In particular: Anne of Kiev, Yaroslav the Wise, of Serge Lifar, Vladislav Gorodetsky, Kazimir Malevich, Ivan Fundukley, Maria Zankovetska, Alexander Vertinsky and others. In addition, each tram includes a video screen, which will show a short video about one or another outstanding personality. “It will be interesting and useful both Kievans and tourists. It is the history of our city“, – said the mayor of Kiev. First on the route out of “Anne of Kiev“ and “Yaroslav the Wise“.

Vitali Klitschko also said why have you chosen the trams are produced in Poland. “One of the agreements with the Polish side is to open a service center in Kiev, and subsequently to collect the trams in the capital. It also created jobs for residents, it’s an investment and it’s trams, which will be written “Made in Kiev“, – said the mayor. In addition, he said, from Lviv to Kiev were supposed to do purchased trams, but the timing of their delivery are constantly changing. “They’ve had to go to Kiev, but we are still waiting for these trams will arrive in the capital“, – said the mayor of Kiev.

The mayor said that the daily passenger traffic on the street the light rail line is 160 000 people. Now continues the overhaul of the stations on this line.

Klitschko also visited the renovated station light rail KPI. Is repaired and the station Field. Update all stations expected to be completed by late spring of this year. Major repairs include full repair of power supply systems with replacement of electrical equipment; replace broken, missing glass awnings over the platforms and a full treatment of structures; the resurfacing of the FEM platforms; restoring the outer covering of the railings on the platforms; restoration of floors and ceilings in the concourse. In addition, there is complete replacement of all entrances at the entrances and exits of stations; repair of underground passages with the restoration of lighting devices and decorative illumination of inputs for the transition and the transition; the replacement of navigation systems.

Vitali Klitschko also said that the city government is doing everything to move to Kiev public transport was comfortable for everyone, including persons with disabilities. For example, in 2016, it has 18 lifts for people with limited mobility 5 stations borshchahivska the light rail line. In addition, last year a tender was held for the purchase of lifts for passengers with reduced mobility. In 2017 comes with 2 sets of lifts at the station Field.

Also includes funds for the development of a feasibility study of extending the street the light rail line from the sports Palace. In particular, there are plans to build 9 new light rail stations.