Kiev warn of black ice

Ukrgidromettsentr predicts in Kiev at night and on the morning of 13 January, the ice, and the roads in some places sleet.

According to weather forecasts, January 13, in Kiev, cloudy, without precipitation, wind North-Eastern 5-10 m/C. night Temperature 5-7 degrees, in the afternoon 2-4 degrees of frost.

The Directorate of emergency KSCA warns of the possibility of black ice on the roads and pedestrian areas of the city.

Drivers are advised to observe speed limits and to refuse risky manevrirovanie, when approaching pedestrian crossings and location of children’s institutions to reduce the speed to low and not to use vehicles with summer tires.

Pedestrians are advised to walk slowly, not to keep his hands in his pockets, waving his arms to the beat of walk, to avoid the metal manhole covers to consider that the brake way of the car on a slippery road 4-5 times.

Sleet in Kyiv trolleybuses and buses are not on schedule

Earlier it was reported that in Ukraine looming strong frosts and snowfalls.