In the United States has accused the Indian in the sexual harassment sleeping girl on Board

The Federal government of the state of Michigan in the US have arrested a 34-year-old man after he sexually harassed the woman in the cabin at the time, when she slept, and his wife was nearby. About it reports The Independent.

According to prosecutors, he is a citizen of India but residing in the United States on a temporary visa. He was accused of sexual harassment with aggravating circumstances, and now the man is detained without the right of bail.

At the time of the crime, he, his wife and 22-year-old victim was flying a Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Detroit. She told the girl that fell asleep in the cabin. When I woke up, saw that her shirt and pants unbuttoned, and hands the man are on her.

As found by the prosecutors, next to them sat his wife. The man took my hand after the girl woke up and came to stewardess and told about the incident.

The suspect in turn was arrested after landing. He said that he took the pills, then fell asleep and didn’t do anything. Then he confessed to his wife that the 22-year-old passenger fell asleep on his lap and the couple called the stewardess to ask them to change places. Wife this information was confirmed, but the flight attendants said that such a request has not been forthcoming.

According to the newspaper, the wife is trying to hide information about the incident. The investigation suggests that she may be in collusion with the husband, or absolutely not paying attention to his actions. After his examination of the tablets revealed that man gave a false statement.

According to media reports, similar incidents of sexual harassment in aircraft are not uncommon, but they often remain out of sight of the public.