In Kharkov, a man took the office of “Ukrposhta”, there are people inside

In Kharkov on the street near the shopping center “Rost” man took the office of “Ukrposhta”. Police officials at the scene reported that in the occupied space there are people, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

The area near the scene of the incident cordoned off, are about 20 cars patrol police, fire and ambulance. The site also specialists are working.

Currently, the intersection of Matyushenko and Shevchenko traffic is completely blocked.

The police in Kharkov is officially not commented on the incident, refusing to confirm the incident.

In turn, the speaker of Napoli of Ukraine Yaroslav was Trakalo reported that according to preliminary information, the unknown man seized the premises of office “Ukrpochta”, there are people inside.

“According to preliminary information, the man in the room, “ukrpochty” said that it attached explosive that he is ready to apply. As of 15:20 on the requirements nothing is known”, said Trakalo. In place of the departed investigative team and the management of the Kharkiv police.

Later in the leadership of the regional police reported that the hostages in the Department was 11 people.