In Italy and Germany arrested about 170 mafia “ndrangheta”

ROME, January 9 – RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. Nearly 170 people were arrested in Italy and Germany in the fight against the mafia organization, the ‘ ndrangheta in the South of the Apennines, was announced on Tuesday by the Italian carabinieri.

The operation is directed against clans of PH and Marincola, turning criminal activity not only in the region of Calabria, which traditionally had been the “cradle” of the ndrangheta, but also in the North of the country and in Germany.

“The investigation has allowed to reveal a high degree of penetration in different sectors of the economy and enterprise: the circumstance that allowed the mafia group to establish itself as a real “criminal holding”, which was able to conduct business in millions of euros”, — stated in the message.

During the investigation of the confiscated assets of 50 million euros. A number of local officials came under suspicion of corruption.