Christians of the Eastern rite today celebrate Christmas

All Ukrainian Orthodox churches, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, most Ukrainian Evangelical Christians and Jerusalem, Russian, Serbian, Georgian Orthodox churches are celebrating Christmas on the night of 6 to 7 January. This day is an official state holiday in Ukraine.

According to the biblical narrative, in this day in Bethlehem in a stable Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ. The first who congratulated the newborn baby were the shepherds. Later, the baby came three wise men from the East.

Orthodox Christmas is celebrated magnificently in the Christian world. This day ends the forty-day Christmas post begins a 12-day Christmastide. They are accompanied by folk festivals in honor of the birth of the son of God. The Slavs have long been these days took the Nativity scene, sang Christmas carols and wished everyone good for the whole year.

Carols is an essential attribute of Ukrainian Christmas. On this day, the carolers go from house to house, proclaiming the good news of the birth of a child of God.

All temples are of the divine Liturgy, as the family gathers for the holiday table, greeting each other with the words: “Christ is born! Glorify him!”