Basically beat: Freed from the captivity of Igor Kozlovsky told about the torture by militants

Released from captivity of militants ORDO scientist Igor Kozlovsky said that in captivity he was beaten and put to a head a weapon. About this Kozlovsky has told on air of the program “Batman” on the channel “112 Ukraine”.

Kozlovsky said that the militants allegedly found at his home two grenades and demanded to admit that these weapons belong to him. He added that such “conversations” were accompanied by torture and beatings.

“It’s basically (been) beaten, beaten with some object, I didn’t see anything, I had a bag on his head. It lasted a few hours. Twisted Russian roulette, put a gun to his head, pulled the trigger. They demanded that I recognized that it was my ammunition,” – said Kozlovsky.

He added that during the beatings, almost fainted.

“Because I could not see, I listened. Listened to his pain, as the blood boils because there is a large concentration on the heart. The heart begins to beat erratically. It was at the limit. They shouted: “this Russian world has come”, “hit you Russian world”, – said the scientist.Kozlovsky also spoke about how he was captured by the militants. According to him, the day he was at home with my disabled son.

“I was detained about two o’clock, when I went to pay for the communal and take out the trash. There was a car, the MGB. They approached, asked documents, said that “you are invited to a conversation literally 20 minutes.” These “20 minute” lasted almost two years. I didn’t know in what condition the son didn’t tell me about it, most likely, specifically, additional psychological pressure”, – said Kozlovsky.

We will remind, the scientist Igor Kozlovsky, along with another 73 Ukrainians were released from captivity of militants on 27 December. Later, Kozlowski said that being in captivity of the militants adversely affected his health, therefore he is forced to undergo rehabilitation, which breaks for chatting with loved ones.

In SBU declared that for today have already been released or found 3 thousand 215 people, 103 people remain hostages in Donetsk and Lugansk regions and 402 are considered missing.