Vocal show of American Idol refused for the laughter show audition

Vocal show American Idol, which in the new season will come out in the US on ABC, refuse the display of unsuccessful auditions. According to shoranur trish Keenan, to put people who can’t sing or behave unusually for ridicule is a bad idea, writes the Hollywood Reporter.

The previous version of the show that came on Fox, was a well known fact that often ridiculed the participants, failed the audition. According to Keenan, now this practice it was decided to refuse. “It’s not normally display on stage unbalanced people and laugh at them,” said shorner. She also noted that since the advent of the format of the show American Idol TV stepped forward and the audience has become more reasonable approach to the choice of content.

However, Keenan has promised that the new season will be a place for eccentric characters and jokes. “We want humor, but we do not seek the operation,” she said.

Note that the Prime Minister revived the vocal talent show American Idol on ABC is scheduled for early March. The jury will include pop singers Katy Perry and Lionel Richie and country singer Luke Bryan. Leader will be Ryan Seacrest, who led a version of American Idol on Fox until its closure in 2015 after 15 seasons. Then the reason for the cancellation of the competition, called the drop in his ratings and the fact that the producers for several years are unable to access any one star, despite the fact that previously the participants had achieved considerable success in pop music. Including Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Carrie underwood, Jennifer Hudson and others.