Used-Car Guide: Fiat Coupe

If the conversation on the future classic, the Fiat Coupé is rarely mentioned.

The government car scrappage scheme of 2009, many wiped out by them and the prices for the few thousand or so remaining were on the ground around five years. Today, they start at about £1000 for the runner, but decent cars cluster around the £5000 mark. And then there is nothing to be £found 10,000, where the best low-milers,. The most expensive late-plate versions can be as high as £20,000.

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We’re talking 20-valve, standard, and Turbo, but most Turbo models, by the way. The original 16 valve is almost non-existent, because it is not only the scrappage scheme systems, but also its suitability as a parts donor for Lancia Delta Integrales.

It’s not everyone’s Cup of tea perhaps, but if it belongs to you, it is a reason to celebrate, you can get a decent, well maintained 20v Turbo for as little as £2995 private or a nice 1997/R-reg example with 82,000 miles, full service history and two previous owners from a good dealer Those that the Chris Bangle-penned lines still look fresh, and full-length, color-coded fascia strip flap continues to be the heart.

It was in 1993, in Brussels. Not the cheapest venue, but the excitement around the new model was so great that only a few interested. It came in the UK in the year 1995, powered by a choice of 2.0-litre 16-valve engines – naturally aspirated engines (135bhp) or Turbo (190bhp). The power went to the front wheels via a five-speed manual transmission, though the Turbo is also a Viscodrive limited slip diff.

Less than two years later, the 16-valve engines were more powerful 20-valve units, either naturally aspirated engine (143bhp) or Turbo (214bhp). The naturally aspirated engine soon received a shot in the arm with the addition of a variable intake system (VIS), the power enhances, 150bhp.

Even so, with its 0-62mph time of 6.3 sec. it was the Turbo (VT), and everyone wanted to at the time as it is today. 1998 Fiat a number of tweaked versions, starting with the VT-LE (Limited Edition) sporty red Brembo calipers in the front, a bodykit, push button start, a strut brace and Recaro seats. In the following year, Plus launched looking very similar to the LE but without his unique badge. It is crucial that both versions had a six – speed gearbox. With the arrival of the VT6 (1999), the six-speed gearbox is standard. This means, you can the odd 1999-reg five-speed find-VT, a heritage at the dealer ordered for stock and cars until sold.

The recent coupes are now 17 years old and feels a bit baggy, but a suspension upgrade will give back the car, his sharp and agile. The motors are very strong, but check that the timing belt and water pump changes were done on time. A good find, for around £3500, appreciate it and watch its value rise.

How to get a in the garage:

An expert’s view – JOHN CARTLIDGE, DIRECTOR, MIDLANDS CAR SERVICING: “I fell in love with the Fiat coupe the moment I saw a new one on a car transporter. It was delivered to the Fiat dealer, where I worked as a mechanic. I have specialized in the model, sales and Service. Prices fell to an all-time low of five years ago, but, in the last 18 months, they have started the pick-up. You can prices with a decent car for only £3000, but rarer variants, such as the LE and Plus in a new condition-command far higher. For example, I have a very nice 2001 reg 20v Turbo Plus in pearl white with 38,000 miles for 20,000 pounds.”

Buyer beware…

– ENGINE – – camshafts-wear is a Problem on16v engines, check the oil pressure. The Turbo is sensitive to the de-cat exhaust systems,-promoting and sloppy refrigeration practice. Watch for smoke from cold and idle. Check the 20v of the rear coolant hose, because you can let go without warning. Check the engine for leaks, because the head gasket is so strong that she refuses to fail, leading to problems elsewhere. Ensure that the oil cooler pipe corroded. Cambelt changes are every 35k on the 16v Turbo and 50k miles on the 20v and also the water pump should be. Check for a cracked exhaust manifold.

GEAR – gear O-ring seal can fail, resulting in the diff bearings, the wear out can.

STEERING, SUSPENSION AND BRAKES – nose-heavy design-trunks in the front control arm bushings while the shock absorber is leaking and the springs crack. You, clonking hear, bump stops, and noisy rear wheel bearing.

ELECTRICAL – in General reliable, but the fan and the heating-resistance failure is not unknown.

BODY – The 16v was not galvanized, and the pillars and the bottom plate rotted out. The 20v was galvanized, but the last couple of years have rust new sills (earlier cars) and floorpans (later cars). You examine the boot floor and the front wheel arches for rust. Boot seals perish and allow water in.

Also worth knowing:

The so-called ‘coolant hose of death” is behind the engine, in the vicinity of the injection wall, and hard to verify. Problem is, it can fail. Because of the temperature sensor, the disaster, the situation in the cooling system, not in the know, immediately. The clamshell hood of the escaping steam, so that all look good. Replace the hose as a precaution.

How much to spend:

£1000-£1995 – A mixture of tired of the project and a lot of changed to 16v and 20v cars.

£2000-£3995 – Sweet cars, such as a right-hand drive 1998-reg 20v Turbo import with full history and 75k miles for £2350.

£4000-£5500 – Tidier 20v Turbos with up to 85k miles and good stories. The most interesting start at around £4750 of traders.

£10,000-£12,995 – Mint, low-mileage cars, including a 26k miles 2001 reg 20v Turbo Plus, start here.We found:

FIAT COUPE 20V TURBO, 1998 R REG, 98K MILES, £2995: Depending on your point of view, this car was a shed in need of TLC so that your new wishbone arms, new turbo, new rear wheel bearings, new brakes, new Original Fiat exhaust and new tyres all round – or tapered classic, need to get caught.

John Evans

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