Uber scam warning after Sydney customer charge of $150 for the ‘mystery mess

The client, Ebony, who took a trip in an Uber vehicle from Sydney to the North Shore on Wednesday, was billed the entire cost of cleanup on top of its tariff.

When she complained, she sent a photo of a white liquid with some mysterious pieces of spread on what looks like the floor of a vehicle.

Ebony said that she and her partner Matt were picked up by an Uber driver behind the wheel of a Toyota Camry at 8.18 pm on Wednesday.

The driver, whom Ebony described as a “creep”, “just the contact with the eyes, was wearing a singlet showing off his back and shoulders, hair, and barely whispered a word”.

Ebony said that she and Matt “both commented on how bizarre it was”.

When Uber customer Ebony complained about a $150 cleaning fee, she sent this photo of a mystery mess, she did not.

Ebony posted on Facebook a ” uber scam’.

The pilot was wearing an undershirt and has no contact with the eyes.

Facebook friends of Ebony (above), has responded by saying the cost of cleaning scam was “scandalous” and the driver has a short shelf life.

The couple took a nine-minute ride of five kilometres from their home, and the next morning, she realised that they had been charged the cleaning fee.

On its website, Uber lists a cleaning fee of $20 for a “small domestic mess to moderate, outside of mess and $40 for these two types of damage.

The next level is a $80 fee for a “moderate inside mess”, “hard-to-clean surfaces, great food and drinks spills” and “a minor of bodily fluids, damage”.

The maximum, level four, a fee of $150 for a “big mess that requires cleaning between windows, doors or air vents” or “big bodily fluid mess”.

The photograph transmitted by Uber from the driver to the customer Ebony seems to show the kind of mess that can only qualify for an $80 fee.

After that she posted on Facebook the details of the incident entitled “UBER SCAM!!! $150 Sydney central business district”, Ebony friends responded.

The Uber driver took Ebony and her partner over a period of nine minutes to travel from the North Coast of Sydney. Photo: Eric Risberg.

Uber charges cleaning charges are at the max of$ 150, but it is a big mess. Image: uber.com.

“What a fucking***hole, I hope that you can get your money back sister. What an absolute *beep*,” wrote Ashleigh Heane.

“It is shameful,” posted Fran MacDonough. “So yes, where is the evidence when the spill took place.

“The wrong answer and I would hv thought of a mess like that would be immediately noticed, and the contact was hv been made immediately. What a scam.”

Following the Ebony of Facebook messages, Uber has now agreed to reimburse her the$150.

Ebony posted on Facebook as a result of Uber’s promise of a refund, “I urged them to check on the driver in question like his dishonest actions reflect very poorly on another company useful.

“I will continue to use Uber to go to the front as my previous experiences have all been largely positive.”

New.com.to the fact contact with Uber, who will forward a response.

Ebony received a promise of a refund from Uber after she posted on Facebook that the $150 fee has been a victim of a scam.