Trump passed the examination

The personal physician of the President said that trump’s “excellent health”

The President of the United States Donald trump passed the examination at the National military hospital Walter reed. This is the first test of his health since taking office.

The inspection and necessary tests carried out the President’s personal physician Ronnie Jackson. Physical examination did not include assessment of mental status trump.

The day before trump told reporters: “I think I have everything in order. I would be surprised if it isn’t.”

A few hours after the end of survey, Jackson issued a brief statement, which stated that “the inspection was very good,” and that trump has “excellent health”. On Tuesday, the White house will hold a special briefing on this subject, which will probably serve Jackson.

US laws about privacy of health information applies to the President, so trump personally must decide what information on this subject will be published.

Latest professional assessment of the health of Donald trump was given in 2015, his personal physician Harold Bernstine, who promised that trump is the “most healthy person ever elected President.”

Bornstein also said that trump is taking aspirin, medications to lower cholesterol levels, as necessary antibiotics to combat dermatological disease, rosacea, as well as a drug stimulating hair growth.