‘The road of death’, where the missing man disappeared

There is now a twelfth, the lack of a Newcastle man Jayden Penno-Tompsett, who disappeared near the damn Flinders Highway at Charters Towers.

The mystery of the 22-year-old, was last seen on New Year’s Eve has baffled, but not surprised, by the locals.

Just three years ago, Mark Jones told the Courier-Mail: “it is typical of the outside world. Strange things happen in those wild empty spaces.”

Mr. Jones was talking about another man who disappeared on the Flinders Highway, his brother, whose remains have never been found.

Fresh leads emerged about the possible murderer of his brother and other people who disappeared on the same stretch of outback highway decades before the Lord Penno-Tompsett became the last mystery.

The Flinders Highway in Queensland is known as the “highway of death” for the 11 young people who have disappeared or have gone missing along it. Picture: Wesley Monts.

CCTV of Jayden Penno-Tompsett in Charters Towers roadhouse.

The 22-year-old disappeared along the Flinders Highway from the 31 of December.

Sensitive Creek near Charters Towers, where the skeleton of Robin Hoinville-Bartram, 18, was found shot in the head in 1972.

Include teens Robin Hoinville-Bartram and Anita Cunningham, who disappeared in 1972, Robin body later found shot twice in the head, under a railroad bridge near Charters Towers.

The Flinders Highway is a secluded 800 stretch of Townsville, winding 140 kilometres to the south-west of Charters Towers, through the even more remote Queensland towns of hughenden, Julia Creek and Cloncurry.

There, it meets the Barkly Highway to the famous mining town of Mount Isa.

Tony Jones was hitchhiking along the Flinders on the evening of November 3, 1982, when he disappeared, and his family believes he was murdered. He was last seen in a section of the road near Antill Plains Creek, 25 km south of Townsville.

This is where the bodies of the sisters Judith, 7, and Susan Mackay, 5, were found in August of 1970, raped and murdered. Judith had been stabbed in the chest and Susan strangled.

Police at the scene of the crime under Sensitive Creek bridge in 1972, where only one of the girls was found.

Robin Hoinville-Bartram was shot twice in the head.

Anita Cunningham is still missing from the Flinders Highway.

The Flinders Highway is a secluded 800 stretch of Townsville, winding 140 kilometres to the south-west of Charters Towers (above). Image: Google Maps

The NSW registered garnet, Nissan Pulsar sedan, that the Lord Penno-Tompsett was travelling in before he disappeared.

The following month, a man in a Charters Towers hotel confessed to the murders, but he was never traced.

The body of Catherine Graham, 18, was found raped and murdered in Antill Creek in 1975, She had been beaten to death with a rock.

In October 1978, Karen Edwards, Gordon twaddle and Timothy Thompson was found shot in the head near Mt Isa, about 250 km west of Julia Creek.

In 2003, in the wake of flooding in Charters Towers area, the police again searched Sensitive Creek rail bridge trace of Anita Cunningham.

It was the same area where Robin Hoinville-Bartram skeletal remains had been found, but a new search failed to find any trace of Ms Cunningham, who is still missing along the Flinders Highway.

Mr Penno-Tompsett was driving a car with his friend, Luke tattersall’s, when he disappeared.

As exclusively revealed by news.com.au, Mr. tattersall’s, said the couple visited the Puma roadhouse on the Flinders Highway around the dawn of the 31 of December.

The Mackay sisters Judith, 7, and Susan, 5, whose bodies were found stabbed, raped and strangled to death in Ox Plains Creek off the Flinders Highway.

The murder of the sisters distressed father Bill Mackay on the site where his daughters were found in August of 1970.

Tony Jones disappeared into the ‘highway of death’, and his remains have never been found.

Mr Penno-Tompsett was “unrest and agitation”, as it was handled in a maroon Nissan Pulsar on Stockroute Road, near the Flinders Highway at Breddan 16 km to the northeast of Charters Towers.

The two young men had an argument and Mr tattersall’s led to their destination in Cairns, ” he said.

Mr tattersall’s told the police that Mr. Penno-Tompsett got out of the car near a property with a red iron fence and a bull’s skull on a pole near a silver fencing a whole yard.

Mr tattersall’s said that his friend had told him that they had a warrant for his arrest, and had discussed them with his father.

In an interview with news.com.au, Brendan Tompsett said that he did not care what the argument was about — he just wanted his son back.

The police helicopter have searched the area near where Mr Penno-Tompsett is believed to have disappeared, and have doorknocked properties.

Truck driver Dwain Potter told Fairfax news hitchhiking was still a common practice along the Flinders Highway, despite its grisly past.

In 2014, jailed killer Andy Albury allegedly confessed in prison to a killing along the road between 1970 and 1980. “It’s called the highway of death,” you know, ” Mr. Potter said.

“A lot of people who went missing here in the 70’s and 80’s … but that was a long time ago.”

Charters Towers police described the latest incident as “certainly an unusual disappearance,” and said that the community “wants to find Jayden safe and well”.

A remote stretch on the highway. Image: Lachie Millard.

Catherine Graham: raped and murdered on the desolate road.