The businessman bought billion debt Kiev metro media

Businessman Paul Fuchs bought the company Ukrroslizing that in 2017 sued the Kyiv metro 1.96 billion UAH for the supply of 100 cars in 2010-2013. On Friday, January 12, reports

According to the media, Fuchs was the sole beneficiary of Ukrroslizing. January 11, appropriate changes were made to the register of legal entities.

The contract between the Kiev metro and the company Ukrroslizing was signed in July 2009. The document provides for the supply of 100 new metro cars on conditions of financial leasing.

A few months later, the parties entered into a supplemental agreement to include in the contract a so-called correction factor, in which Kiev metro has committed to compensate the Ukrroslizing all costs associated with the supply of cars if the terms of the deal are fully implemented.

In 2010-2013 Ukrroslizing put underground 100 cars purchased from Krukovka carriages and Russia’s VAGONMASH and Metrovagonmash. Thus, the Kiev metro paid the supplier only partially: of the total transaction amount in UAH 1.4 billion debt to Metropolitan was more than 500 million UAH.

In may 2016 Ukrroslizing in the courts achieved collecting from communal enterprises in the total of UAH 1.96 bln. Of this amount UAH 774 million – the basic debt under the contract, including penalties and interest for the use of cars, and the inflation accrual. Nearly 1.2 billion – the result of the adjustment factor, included in the contract after its signing.

The final decision on the case issued the Kiev economic court of appeal on 31 January 2017. And in February of 2017 began the procedure to recover the debt.

21 March 2017, the Executive office sought to Kiev metro in favor of Ukrroslizing 90.4 million UAH. Enforcement continued until 1 September 2017. Only the metro has listed the company more than 140 million UAH.

As a result, the Kyiv metro remains a debt to a company Ukrroslizing in the amount of 1.78 billion UAH (almost $50 million).

Previously, the company Ukrroslizing the media associated with the environment of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and Russian state-owned Vnesheconombank.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the Executive service sought from the accounts of the CP Kiev metro 155 million UAH.