Steven Seagal accused of harassment, the media are writing

MOSCOW, January 12 — RIA Novosti. American Regina Simmons, who starred in the movie involving Steven Seagal, has accused Hollywood actor in the harassment and rape that happened over 20 years ago, said the publication the Wrap.

According to the newspaper, Simmons met with Seagal in 1994 for the filming of “In mortal danger”, where a girl, which at that time was 18, starred in the crowd.

According to Simmons, the actor invited her to a party at a house in Beverly hills, but when she arrived there, we were the only guest, and was no party. “He took me to his room, then closed the door and started kissing me”, — leads edition of the words of the girl. She said that then the actor raped her.

As the newspaper notes, in addition to Simmons, more than a dozen women have accused Segal of harassment, but the actress first reported the rape. In the past month, the girl filed for Segal’s statement to the police in Los Angeles.

Recently broke a lot of scandals involving rape or sexual harassment, in the midst of which are well-known figures from politics, show business and film industry.

Previously, Segal was accused of assaulting actress Portia de Rossi, known for his roles in the TV series “arrested development” and “Scandal.” According to her, the incident happened during auditions for a role in one of the films Seagal, which was held in his office. The actress claimed that Seagal told her about the importance of appearance between the actors of the “chemistry off screen”, sat her down and undid the zipper on his pants, and then she ran out.