Media: the attack of the virus NotPetya was organized by Russian intelligence

CIA analysts were able to trace the progress of a cyber attack

American intelligence agencies believe that the attack of the virus NotPetya, also known as Petya and ExPetr, the objects in Ukraine in June last year, has organized a hackers Main Directorate of the General staff of the Russian Federation (former GRU). According to the newspaper the Washington Post, referring to the secret reports of the CIA, the experts came to this conclusion in November 2017.

The Central intelligence Agency still prefer not to comment on this information.

About a major cyber attack, it became known on 27 June last year. Virus blocked computer networks the Ukrainian and some Russian companies. For the resumption of access to networks that unidentified hackers had demanded a ransom of $ 300 in the cryptocurrency.

In Ukraine become victims of the virus, the servers of the government, the airport “Borispol”, “Ukrpochta” “an Ukrtelecom”, several ministries and banks. In Russia the objectives of the attack was the network of the companies “Rosneft” and “Bashneft”.