Media: Hackers from Russia can cook their attacks before the Olympics-2018

Russian hackers can plan attacks on anti-doping Agency in response to the suspension of Russia from the Winter Olympics. This was stated by the researchers of the American company on cyber security ThreatConnect.

They reported that they noticed early signs of the revitalization of hackers from Russia. According to the researchers, in the past month, unknown registered three web domains, which resemble the domains of the world anti-doping Agency, anti Doping Agency USA and the Olympic Council of Asia.

Representatives of the American company saw in these actions, the similarity with the methods previously used by the Russian hacker group “Fancy Bear”. Its members accused in the attack on the database of the world anti-doping Agency. Then hackers stole and published confidential medical information of American Olympic athletes.

In ThreatConnect said that while there is no evidence that the hackers are going to use these domains for illegal activities. However, the domains can provide a Foundation for future attacks, explained company representatives.

Reuters sent a request for review to the International Olympic Committee and the Russian Embassy in Washington. However, their representatives have not yet responded to the request.

As you know, December 5, the IOC suspended the national team of Russia from participation in the Olympic games 2018 in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang.

“Pure” Russian athletes, which according to the results of the studies did not take performance-enhancing drugs, can take part in the Olympics in 2018 and to act only under a neutral flag. Accordingly, during a sports competition is not going to sound the anthem of the Russian Federation.