In Stockholm described the alleged cause of the explosion at the metro station

STOCKHOLM, Jan 7 – RIA Novosti, Lyudmila Bozhko. The cause of the explosion that occurred on Sunday near the metro station South of Stockholm, might be an old hand grenade, said to the Swedish television SVT police spokesman Lars Alejarse.

“It’s about fighting the charger, currently, we suspect that this might be an old hand grenade. Often they are imported from the former Yugoslavia, might have been somewhere in the basement for many years and present danger. But we’re surprised it didn’t explode before,” said the policeman.

The message on explosion arrived 13.07 GMT. As previously reported, the accident was severely injured 60-year-old man. He later died in hospital. Along with him the place of the accident was his 45-year-old companion. According to her, the victim saw the subject on the ground and decided to pick it up. The woman was also injured, receiving minor wounds on the face and legs.

The incident is not considered as a terrorist attack, the police think the pair was a random victim.