In Kiev because of measles outbreak children without vaccinations will not allowed to go to kindergarten and school

In Kiev increase in measles among children, and the authorities have taken measures to prevent further spread of the disease.

According to first Deputy Chairman of the KSCA Nicholas Povoroznik, in Kiev schools and kindergartens will allow children not vaccinated against measles.

According to officials, in institutions organized by test for the presence of measles immunization. Children without immunizations or without a certificate, which confirms that the child had the measles and is immune will not be admitted to classes in schools and preschools. For this reason parents and parent committees will be held an additional public outreach.

Povoroznik noted that this is not quarantine, and “preventive action“.

Earlier in Hospitible said that more than 20 people in Kiev were infected with measles after visiting the circus Kobzov. In the circus, they claim that they “are trying to destroy dirty and baseless accusations“. However, KCSA has decided to temporarily ban the work of this institution.

“In this institution there is one case. He got sick in December. Due to the fact that employees of the institution are systematic examinations, it was decided to terminate the operation of the institution on the territory of Kiev“, – he said.

In Ukraine in 2017, died of measles four people.