In Britain want to tax coffee to take away

LONDON, 5 Dec – RIA Novosti, Denis Voroshilov. British MPs propose to introduce a fee of 25 pence (about 19 rubles — Approx. ed.) for use in coffee shops disposable tableware. The initiative to introduce the so-called “fee for a latte” was organized by the Committee of the house of Commons environment, saying in a Friday report that every year in Britain is thrown away about 2.5 billion disposable cups from coffee that leads to pollution of nature.

“The Committee urges the government to introduce a “fee for latte” in the amount of 25 pence for disposable coffee cups in order to use the obtained funds to improve British infrastructure, recycling (waste — Approx. ed.) and improvement of processing plants. The Committee also sets the aim to achieve complete recycling of all disposable cups by 2023. If this can not be achieved, the government must ban serving coffee in a disposable container”, — stated in the report, a copy of which is handed over to RIA Novosti by the Committee members.

According to parliamentarians, the initiative aims to force “producers to pay more in those cases when the packaging materials (disposable dishes) difficult to recycle”. The MPs also plan to engage in informing the consumers, by posting on the glasses and disposable information on how to properly dispose of it.

“Despite the fact that some coffee shops offer discounts to users who bring to buy your own coffee cups (or glasses), use this opportunity only 1-2% of buyers. The Committee also drew attention to how the customer behavior was affected by the introduction of charging 5 pence for plastic bags in supermarkets: in the first year the volume of usage of plastic bags decreased by 83%. The Committee came to the conclusion that the behavior of buyers are more affected by the introduction of additional charges rather than discounts,” — said in the report.

In this case, MPs do not exclude that the fee may decrease after the degree of “processing AIDS” disposable tableware for coffee will increase. The main problem for recycling at present is the use of plastic in the production of coffee cups.

“Britain is emitted 2.5 billion cups of coffee every year. This is enough to “wrap” the planet five and a half times. Almost none of this amount is not processed, and half a million glasses a day is thrown in the landfill. Manufacturers of cups of coffee did not take any action to remedy the situation, and now the initiative in the hands of the government”, — stated in the report accompanying the statement of the head of the Committee Mary Krieg.