Femen activist attacked the President of the Czech Republic at a polling station

MOSCOW, January 12 — RIA Novosti. The Ukrainian activist movement Femen attacked the Czech President Milos Zeman at a polling station in Prague.

Ukrainian sextremist Angelina Diash has attacked Czech president Miloš Zeman during his voting in a polling station in Prague. #Volby2018 #femen #Zeman #Putin pic.twitter.com/9PMhXoCZuV
— Události Brno (@UdalostiBrno) 12 Jan 2018

As reported on the website of Czech television, when Zeman came to the site, he was attacked by a nearly naked woman tried to prevent him to vote. The attackers were quickly arrested by the presidential guard. After the incident, Zeman returned to the polling station and stated that he was honored that he was attacked by the activist of the movement Femen.

On the website of the movement States that the girl from Ukraine.

Presidential elections in the Czech Republic are held on Friday and Saturday. Among the nine candidates for the Prague Castle there is the Zeman.