Bauer, Leslie White, 81, will remain in jail for backpacker rape

Lesley White, now the teenagers of Europe, believed to be at the age of 81, sexually and indecently assaulted, after they have been published Lanihuli Station was in 2013.

The NSW Court of Criminal Appeal dismissed his application on Friday to have reduced his sentence.

Lanihuli Station is a border, 150 km North-West of the NSW outback town of Bourke, and 20 km from the Mitchell Highway South of the Queensland.

The young woman, believed to have arrived in Australia with a working holiday visa, and committed himself to the White court, where they would live, alone with him in the settlement.

Just before Christmas 2013, she made the 12-hour trip from Sydney to Bourke with the Bus, where a White, who was a complete stranger, she met with a hug.

The young woman wrote in her diary, to embrace that White continues her occasionally, and her parents feared back in Europe for the exchange of the homestead with the husband.

In late December, she sat down to lunch and asked White what he thought.

He replied, “you don’t want to know, I love you.”

The 18-year-old European backpacker was alone with the White-on-Lanihuli Station (centre) 150 km from the outback town of Bourke, New South Wales. Image: Google maps.

White hugged her, indecently attacked her, and attacked her sexually.

The grieving woman fled into another room and unsuccessfully tried to telephone two members of the White family.

You removed the White vehicle key from the ignition of his quad bike and drove six kilometers in Barringun.

She gave a statement to the police, “sobbed between the words, how your statement was taken”.

Police arrested White and charged him with one count of sexual intercourse without consent and three of the indecent.

At his trial in 2016, White was found guilty and sentenced to a maximum of three years in prison with a non-parole period of 18 months.

On Friday, he appealed against his conviction on the grounds of not put his lawyer was incompetent in calling him to give evidence, and you have to explain it failed, the possible effects of not testified.

White also denied that he is impotent, so it was impossible for one of the indecent assaults took place.

The court of appeal was not his counsel, to call the decision to give him the evidence was rational, given his bad memory, and no justice was in error on the issues that he has raised.

The rejection of his application, the court ruled, he must serve the Rest of his sentence.