Barcelona are having financial disagreements with the Brazilian club

Barcelona may not agree with the Brazilian club Palmeiras on the transfer of defender of Jerry Mines. The player can go to the Catalan club in the beginning of this week, but the clubs were unable to agree on the amount of the transaction, according to Globo Esporte.

Brazilian club requires that Barcelona is additionally included in the transaction is 1.8 million euros, which according to FIFA rules needs to obtain a Colombian Santa Fe, which raised Mine. According to Palmeiras, the total cost of the transfer shall be of 12.39 million euros.

However, the “blue garnet” do not agree with this, believing that in the pre-agreed amount of 11.8 million euros already included payments for Santa Fe. Another controversial issue is the form of payment of funds. Barcelona wants to pay for the parts, but the Brazilians require the whole amount at once.

Earlier it was reported that Barcelona will offer the Atletico striker’s second-largest salary at the club.

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