Toyota Gazoo GR Super Sport concept hints at Supra-hybrid powertrain

Toyota Gazoo has revealed a car called the GR-Super-Sport concept, which hints at the brand’s hybrid intentions for his much-anticipated Supra successor.

At the exhibition in the Tokyo Auto Salon, the concept is based on the company’s World Endurance Championship prototype racer, the TS050 Hybrid. It features the same carbon-fiber structure and fits a 2.4-Liter V6 gasoline engine with electrical support behind the cockpit.

The LMP1 category, TS050, the competition is in this year’s championship and crown the 24 hours of Le Mans-round, provides a combined 987bhp on all four wheels, suggesting the concept would do the same.

Although only a concept, the gr Super Sport continues to produce the signal, the hunger for the Toyota’s performance arm, Gazoo Racing, to high-performance cars for the street, especially those who use power for the electrified.

The newly created Department developed the introduction of a new sports car that could take over, the name Supra, suggests late this year, and this concept, it will directly benefit from the technology in the TS050.

The Supra successor will be a halo car, the new Yaris GRMN, Gazoo arrival marked in the UK (Autocar has just driven). The Yaris sticks with turbocharged petrol power, but the Supra -, sub-developed, which is the next BMW Z4, thanks to a tech tie-up between the two companies, due to come with four-and six-cylinder engines, the latter of which is available with electronic support.

Gazoo President Shigeki Tomoyama said: “If the e-range concept [of an Autonomous pod that was revealed earlier this week in Las Vegas] is the next generation of the horse-drawn carriage, the size of Super-sports concept would be the exact opposite as the next-generation racehorse. His appeal is more personal, like a beloved horse to its owner.

“Despite the differences between the two concept models, both of which are electrified, vehicles equipped with the latest IT technologies and the safe and environmentally-friendly cars.”

Gazoo is also a 86 GR (based on the GT86), and the Vitz GRMN, a limited-run, Japan-only hot hatch, Tokyo. The division shows the cars that competed in the world rally championship, the World Endurance Championship and national rallies and races, to emphasize its competitive roots.

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