To reveal to German court decisions, Porsche SE diesel gate details

A German court has ordered Porsche SE, the investment company behind Porsche, to show whether it is the view of documents were destroyed, when the diesel-gate scandal.

According to Automotive News Europe, that Porsche SE answer board five questions about what was known, by the Volkswagen-group-emissions-cheating practices, before they were suspended in September 2015.

The information is important in several ongoing judicial proceedings with investors, the claim that they are entitled to several billions of euros in damages. Both the VW group and Porsche SE have not made a point of answering questions in connection with this, because what they called “an ongoing investigation”, the largest of which is led by the law firm Jones Day.

“Relying on the investigation of Jones Day is no valid argument to deny the information, because the setting of an external law firm, require a typically, the customer’s confidentiality,” said the judge. “The right of shareholders to information can not be bypassed by the citation of external investigations.”

Judges have also accused the two companies do not have enough measures in place to prevent employees to destroy documents that would have been crucial to the US case-law.

In the current US case, the Volkswagen diesel engineering boss, James Liang, was a prison sentence of 40 months for his involvement in the scandal. So far, eight high-ranking executives in the invoice.

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