Supporters of the radical Islamic organization held in Jakarta protest against its blocking of Facebook (updated version)

Hong Kong. January 12. INTERFAX – Supporters of radical Indonesian public organization “Front for the defence of Islam” held in Jakarta protest after page of this organization in the “Facebook” was blocked due to violations of the standards of social network, according to the Singapore TV channel “chennel news Asia”.

Hundreds of protesters marched from the mosque to the office of “Facebook” in the Indonesian capital in protest against the policies of American companies. The demonstration passed peacefully, in the following order of 1.2 thousand police officers.

“We want to remind Facebook that the social network should remain neutral and adequate”, – told reporters the representative of the “Front for the defence of Islam.”

He also drew attention to the fact that the social network continues to function pages with anti-Islamic orientation, and relevance “to the Islamic humanitarian aid” are blocked.

For its part, Facebook said that pages Indonesian “Front for the defence of Islam” were blocked after the violation of their owners standards social network. The company stressed that the standards “Facebook” aims to “not allow organizations and individuals to statements incite hate and violence against those who hold other views.”

“Chennel news Asia” notes that only “the Front for the defence of Islam” owns about 100 pages in Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Indonesia has 115 million users of Facebook.