St. Petersburg authorities are watching the situation with the sale of stained glass, supposedly dismantled from the building of the school at the Lutheran Church

Saint-Petersburg. January 12. INTERFAX – the Committee on state control, use and protection of monuments of history and culture of St. Petersburg (KGIOP) is monitoring the situation with selling on the Internet stained glass, which, according to the seller, are dismantled from the building of the school of St. Anne (Annenschule).

As reported “Interfax” in a press-Department service on Friday, available data do not allow to confirm or deny the identity of the stained glass Windows of the monument.

“Currently the Committee has no evidence to clearly say that the product offered for sale, used fragments of stained glass, allegedly belonging to the building Annenschule, but to say that stained glass is not with the building of the school, we can’t either. Archival data do not allow yet to conclude, but we will continue to monitor the situation – maybe there will be new documents,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

The Committee reported that “the school Building” and “Building College” (College of St. Anne – if) are part of the identified object of cultural heritage “houses and educational buildings in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Anne”. According to the interlocutor of Agency records is no mention of the stained glass, and protected elements of the cultural heritage of stained glass filling the Windows are not.

Experts have studied historical photographs from the collection of the Museum of the Lyceum, but the only image of stained glass, a similar figure to sell, they found on the Internet is a picture of 1992, which, however, as noted in the Committee in officially published catalog by the same author are not included.

“In the report made in 2008 with the participation of representatives of the Committee and leadership of the Lyceum, said that “stained glass filling the top of the transom staircase window dismantled in connection with the replacement of window fillings”. Stained glass window, corresponding in size and character rasstanovka pictured in 1992, could not relate to any window on the landing of the considered buildings. Theoretically he could fit in size only to the window facing the courtyard, where the replacement frames on the Windows were made, according to representatives of the Lyceum, in the early 2000-ies”, – told the Agency.

In the act of 2008 also stated: “Stained glass filling is in disrepair: lead broach severely deformed, part of the glasses lost. The results of the examination are invited to submit stained glass filling as a restoration material in the stained glass workshop”. In the Committee note that “restoration material” – the fragments that can be used in the restoration as spare parts.

To date in the transoms of the doors of one of the classrooms of the school are the stained glass Windows of the later period of the 1970-ies.

“Thus, given the currently available information it is impossible to reliably attribute the fragments of the on sale stained glass,” – said in the Committee.

The announcement of the sale of “unique vintage pair of stained glass”, allegedly charged the Committee with the restoration of the Annenschule was posted online in early January. The seller asked for both stained glass of 100 thousand rubles.