In Turkey, arrested the alleged organizer of the murder of Andrew Charles

ANKARA, 11 Dec – RIA Novosti. Turkish police have arrested a man who could play a key role in the murder of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov, according to the newspaper Sabah.

The man’s name is not called, only the initials — A. V. K.

According to sources, the suspect is a member of the opposition Islamic preacher Fethullah Gulen (FETO). In connection with, his dismissed from the civil service. Man detained for some time, but released later. It is also noted that the prisoner used the program ByLock, which, according to Turkish authorities, members of the FETO to exchange encrypted messages.

Earlier on suspicion of involvement in the murder of a Russian diplomat in Turkey has detained five people: three former police officers, the head of the publishing group Medya Guru of Hayreddin Eigenbase and organizer of the exhibition, which killed the Ambassador, Mustafa Timur Ozkan.

Charles was shot dead on 19 December 2016 at the contemporary arts Center in Ankara. A diplomat was attacked, when he spoke at the opening of the exhibition “Russia through the eyes of a traveler: from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka.” The crime was committed by a police officer mevlüt AltıntaÅŸ, it was eliminated.

Almost immediately, the Turkish authorities stated that the murder was a planned action. Turkish politicians and the media suspected his organization of Gulen, who is in the US. The preacher himself has publicly condemned the crime, calling it “a vicious act of terror.”

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The murder of the Russian Ambassador in Turkey