In the United States is concerned about China’s successes in space

MOSCOW, January 12 — RIA Novosti. Build-up of China investment in production and research related to space technologies, should not remain without response from the American authorities. This opinion was voiced by experts at a meeting of the Committee of the house of representatives of the US armed forces, reports Space News.

So, Congressman Doug Lamborn, said that the satellite industry of China is growing “at an alarming rate” over the past two years the factories in China were producing 40 spacecraft.

According to the expert of the Center for Asian studies Dean Cheng, Beijing is actively taking over the niche of cheap satellites. As a result, countries such as Nigeria, Bolivia and Venezuela can buy Chinese vehicles at competitive prices, which can not offer any other manufacturer. This threatens the positions of the American Boeing company in the global satellite communications market, says the analyst.

Additionally, Chang stressed that China previously focused on the legal and illegal acquisition of technologies, while now Beijing is actively invested in their development. This, according to experts, will not only enable China to close the gap on foreign competitors, but also give the opportunity to “set the tone for the technological race”.

At the same time, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik said that now is not the time to talk about the fact that the technological dominance of China is a foregone conclusion. However, according to her, the achievements of Beijing should be reflected in the increase of spending on defense.

Earlier it was reported that China plans by 2020 to form a global navigation system consisting of 35 satellites, Beidou-3, transforming China into the third after Russia and the United States country in the world with its own similar system. In 2018, China plans to launch more than ten navigation satellites Bedou-3.